Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Apocalypse - Army Building Rules

A list of rules to building an army for our club's Apocalypse game this upcoming November 12th.

These points must be used within a standard Force Organization chart (like a normal 40k game).

These bonus points can be used three different ways.
1.) Buy more units for your army. Another squad of troops, two more transports, another support tank, etc, etc.  The only rule with this is, whatever it is you add to your army, it doesn't exceed your current Force Org chart by the standard number of slots +1. In other words, buying new units for your army with the bonus points adds one extra slot to all your Force Org chart slots. So now your Force Org chart should be: 3 HQs, 4 Elites, 7 Troops, 4 Fast Attack, 4 Heavy Support. However, only units bought with the bonus points can be added to the extra slots. Bonus points units can be added to previous empty normal slots too if they are available.

Example: if with the 1,500 points you already have filled the three maximum Heavy Support slots, you can buy a fourth heavy with the +500 bonus points, but couldn't buy a fifth heavy. You are not allowed to buy 5 Chaos Marines with the bonus points to unlock more force org chart slots and then use a part of your standard 1,500 points to buy a third HQ unit.

2.) You can purchase units that are not in your main army's codex so long as they don't violate the restriction of your standard Force Organization chart. Example: My main army is Chaos Marines, but I have 200 points of Orks that I think would be fun to have on the field too.

3.)  You can also donate and pool together these 500 bonus points with other teammates to buy Super Heavies.

Your team cannot have more than one Stratagem from the following list:
Rok 'Em Boyz
Darkstar Warhead
Icefire Warhead
Eldritch Tempest
Indiscriminate Bombardment
Any Support Asset Strategem

The following stratagems will be unavailable for the game:

Tactical Assets: Flank March, Strategic Redeployment
Battlefield Assets: Tunnels
Universal Assets: Hammer Blow (this asset becomes available as a Support Asset if the opposing team has three or more Super Heavies on their side)

Each team must report to the other team what super heavies they are bringing to the game at least a day or two before the game. This will give time for people to adjust their lists accordingly. Both teams must mutually agree upon the super heavy additions to the battle. Once both teams are fine with what super heavies each is bringing to the battle, those super heavies must be brought to the battle and cannot change.

Special Campaign Abilities and Advantages
If your campaign leader is on the field, you can use the abilities and advantages you've bought for the current campaign.

Missing Players
If a teammate is missing, making their side uneven, the other current players can fill in the missing teammate's force org chart with their own models as if there was a player to fill that slot normally. The standard above rules apply to building the army to fill in for the missing teammate.

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